Celebration Day (Demo) is, chronologically, part of the prequel to The Infinity EP. Maybe you’ll begin to see a story arch developing from boundless optimism to hopeful realism to dismal (Grey) attrition… Such is life, eh? Anyways, if cheesy, sentimental lyrics are your thing then you’ll have a blast with these.


The Infinity EP is a musical and conceptual continuation of an, as of yet, unreleased larger body of work. It consists solely of the song Reincarnation. Stream it here in all its long-winded glory or if you really like it buy it and get the instrumental shuffle-able version to boot! And if you REALLY like us just send us your cash, we promise we’ll only use it to record more songs…


The Infinity EP is available for purchase on iTunes, CD Baby, and Amazon.

Grey (Demo) is a song from our upcoming LP, the continuation of The Infinity EP. Upcoming when? Who knows! I guess when we have the means to make it happen.


While not actually part of anything, Electric, Three, and Jamadness are here just for the hell of it really. Get on up!