Well folks, we’ve turned over a new leaf here in Assuage and what we’ve found on the other side appears to be quite promising. Presenting Biography 2.0, catching you up on everything that’s happened in Assuage since The Infinity EP was released.

As of this writing, it’s been just over a year since the EP release show. Since then we’ve played through a successful string of shows at great local venues like The Larimer Lounge, The Meadowlark, Cervantes, and The Denver Art Society (with repeat offenses thrown in to boot). Apparently, we can even be heard on local radio from time to time, just never when we’re actually listening though… ah, vanity.

The biggest news though has to be the addition of a new member to our ranks. Straight out the city of fountains, the Midwest madman, the sonic sodomizer himself… ladies and germs, the one, the only, Mr. Tanner Wright.

Tanner is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and all around mothafucka who’s helping us take our existing music to new territory. As if that weren’t enough, he’s also been collaborating and contributing to new compositions and just helping to progress the band in general. He has played a couple of awesome shows with us already and we’re hot on the heels of a rip-roaring Underground Music Showcase spot! Now we keep on trucking, future-bound, through more shows, spectacles, and sonic spheres.

Yessiree, a whole new world of musical possibilities has opened up right before our ears. So, once again, it’s time for Assuage to evolve. Stay tuned.


(If you’d like to read the previous biography chronicling the screaming, bloody genesis of Assuage… why?)


Meet the team

  • Melody

    Tones and Soulful Groans

    Music, science, math, animals, and art have always played a big role in my life. At an early age the first instrument that ever reached my arms was the violin and that was the start of my musical journey. From that moment on I have always been inspired and intrigued by music. It was always so intimate to play with others because it was a form of communication beyond words. The violin led me to learn how to sing and play the piano. It also initiated an inspiration for me to compose music during my adolescent years. I am sincerely an avid supporter for creativity and a better understanding of the world. I am thankful that music has become integrated into my life as it will always have something to teach me, be around to comfort me as I age, and bring people together.

  • Kevin

    Strings and Various Things

    Music and Art have been in my mind since I have possessed a mind. Life simply has not existed separate of them. Piano lessons were my introduction to the form and figure of music. Punk rock and hardcore changed the game- words meant something, actions were an honest representation of your soul, and dedication was the only requirement to participate. Drums were in, bass and guitar followed shortly after. Heavy metal furthered my aural explorations and sustained my musical ambitions, rounding out the solid backbone of my musings and consuming my life in flames ever since. All the while Rock n' Roll, Classical, and Soul music jockeyed for limited listening time. Jazz, World, and Electronica have since rooted themselves to me as well. Currently the pursuit of intoxicating original music, language, and arrangements of physical mediums is where I seek (and sometimes find) joy. It is where personal understanding of the world around me is glimpsed, but never completely attained. For my part, Assuage isn't just a band or an art project, but a vehicle for perception and a way to transmit what I think I have learned back to the endless void which someday will engulf us all. Nature is understanding evolving towards perfection, we are trying to keep pace. Sound is the amorphous zen-perfect representation of a dynamic world, syntax made to be broken. I thank my parents for immersing me in music and my band mates for sharing in it.